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What can the consumer anticipate?
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Everlasting African Adventure

What can the consumer anticipate?

There are many options available when you book a safari. What can you anticipate from a shared or personal safari? What kinds of lodging options are available? What category of national park should I pick? Allow us to help you create a customized safari experience.

If you're thinking about visiting Tanzania for vacation, a safari tour should be your top priority. Spend some time in the middle of the African wilderness, and you won't regret choosing a Tanzania safari vacation any time soon. You will have the opportunity to see the Big Five and other magnificent wild animals that once lived here in their natural habitat while exploring the African forest.

taking a safari

Budget travelers should consider joining a safari, which can accommodate up to 6 people. A guide who is also your driver and chef will be provided by us. Every day, the personal chef will prepare brand-new meals from scratch. The staff will erect the tents at the public campsites in the evening.

Private safari:

Take a private safari truck if you don't want to interact with other people in groups! A guide who is also your driver will be provided by us. If you choose to camp, a personal chef will prepare fresh meals daily for you. The staff will erect the tents at the public campsites in the evening.

Budget camping
Accommodation options:

You want more luxury. We can provide a lodge with the most breath-taking views and comfort. The staff of the lodge will cook the best cuisine; even room service is available.

What should I expect from a campsite in Tanzania? We will be camping on public campsites under the stars and listening to the sound of wild animals during the night. Our staff provides tents, matrasses, sleeping bags, and pillows. There are toilets available, mostly sitting toilets, but in some cases standing toilets. Toilet paper is not always provided; make sure you bring your own.

Campsites in rural areas do not always provide showers with hot water. The budget option takes you back to the basics and lets you reconnect with nature and its surroundings.

Luxury lodges

A Lodge is a four-star hotel surrounded by wild animals and situated in a national park. Hot showers, comfortable beds, and room services are features of the opulent private rooms. Both international and African cuisine will be offered in restaurants.

Every evening features a different form of entertainment, including traditional dance or music performances. This is in a setting with incredible landscapes and wildlife. You'll feel like the king of the jungle when you stay at the opulent lodge!

What can the consumer anticipate
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